Ok. I'm going to be frank here
The curse

I have had

The beautiful, gently spooky kinda "aerial" music from Edward Scissorhands in my head all day.

So I am listening to the soundtrack album.

I am a bit kitsch like that.

It's a gorgeous little film, is that. The end message is desolate. Desperate. But Danny Elfman's etherial music and Johnny Depp's charming, innocent performance are both small but beautifully formed wonders. I do like Tim Burton films, on the whole, but he really is at his best with JD. In fact, I think my favourite film of his (excluding the supernaturally wonderful Scissorhands) is "Ed Wood". It's just great.

My giving birth films were as follows (ie: films watched whilst on birthing ball for hours, and hours, and bloody hours):

Nora: The Wizard of Oz, Edward Scissorhands
James: The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Day the Earth Stood Still and damnit, something else but I'm not sure what. Apollo 13?

That is all.