Two teeth
Oh bugger

No sleep

No sleeeeep for Nora during the day for several days. She's sat in bed with her eyes open during afternoon sleeps nad she never sleeps at nursery.

Today at nursery, she was fractious, and even hit out and scratched someone. Elaine, a great carer there, told me that she hadn't been herself all day.

She cried "hug me, I can't cope with whatever" tears about 5 times on the way home, and in the house before bed, and she didn't want any of her milk :(

James meanwhile went to bed last night having been fed first, then had his teeth brushed. A major change. He only shouted twice (no crying). tonight though, after nursery, he passed out with tiredness before teeth brushing. Hmmm. Well, as long as it doesn't happen too often.

Am reading "According to Queeney" by Beryl Bainbridge. It's very good indeed - light read, but beautifully written and executed (featuring a cameo from Erasmus Darwin!).