More sad news

A chink of light

So they did an x ray on my dad's chest. He has smoked heavy strength cigarettes for... well. I'm assuming since he was a teenager.

We were sick with worry. When i say sick, I mean nauseous.

He got called in to the docs today after 5pm, aand they told him that yes, there is a shadow on his lung, but it doesn't look solid enough to be a tumour. it's more likely to be a chronic infection. They're sending him for scans anyway, and they've whacked him on super strength Amoxycillin so we'll know for sure, hopefully, in about a week.

It's been a hellish week of waiting, I can tell you. i suppose it's officially not over yet, mind you. But it feels like it. I hope i'm not speaking too soon.

Meanwhile, it's London Zoo tomorrow, as Nora's birthday treat! I have to go recharge my cruddy "old" (ie: My God, it's so ancient, I bought my early adopter camera in like 1999! 3.1 MP and it still works, takes perfectly good pics etc but maaaan! it sucks! I wish it would break or summit*) camera given that I haven't taken a photo in about 2 months, and in this day and age of Flickr-blogging, you know just what sort of social paraiah that makes me.

*ie: i am constantly surrounded by gadget freaks, and I feel, in a similar way to those awful ads where you're supposed to feel ashamed of your mobile (consume more please, immediately!) almost embarrassed by how weeny pixel wise my camera is. However, because it still works and is, let's face it, perfectly adequate for snapshot needs, I can't ethically go out and spent stupid money we can't afford on a new one.

So instead i'm getting a 3.1 MP camera phone from work, for free! Yippee!

Yippee yippee yippee!

Something good has happened. Halleluyah for that. Yippee.

Happy birthday to Fiona!
Happy birthday to Paula!
...and happy birthday to Bill, who is 2 today!