A little Leslie extra
Here is the news

I've got a bike

I can ride it when I like.

Yes. Shameful though it was, I destroyed my last, lovely old perfectly good bike by leaving it unprotected against the elements in the garden whilst I had kids, got knackered and resolutely did not cycle to work. the route to work was far too easy - a Thameslink train stop 6 minutes from my house, straight to Farringdon, with the office 5 minutes from the station.

You see my point.

Now I'm at Paddington, that hive of cultural hipness (not) and the journey takes in 3 transport changes and can take up to an hour and a half. Hmmmmmm. Time to get organised with the bike. (Plus the overspending we're doing on a monthly basis. that kind of acts as an incentive). So, viewers and readers, I can state to you that I did cycle to work and back twice last week, and will probably do it every day next week since I'm only working until Wednesday.

Surprisingly, it didn't screw up my back any more than it is already, plus it turned out that my legs are a hell of alot stronger than I thought - I didn't get wobbly legs going up and down stairs, even after the first ten mile hike.  Going back home has proved more difficult because it's uphill, I'm guessing, but the biggest problem is actually the amount of time it takes me to get changed in to my cycling gear before leaving the office. No doubt I'll slim that down over time. And hopefully *I* will slim down over time. I refuse resolutely to go on stupid diets given that I have a perfectly decent diet to begin with. My biggest problem is sitting down behind a desk all day. Cycling 20 miles a day should sort me out. It should make my whole body stronger too: not just physically but being able to fight off illnesses better, that sort of thing.

It's amusing just how bloody awful I am. I used to take on the boy racers, and now I can't even remember the right turnoff so I don't get lost in between Westminster and Victoria. Put it this way - I make alot of use of my gears, where in my previous life I'd whack it in to high and cruise along at speeds faster than I seriously should have been going with superstrong legs pulsingenergy down in to the pedals effortlessly. Ah, those were the days. I rememember being able to cut off the circulation in the hand of my ex, by thigh muscles alone!

Well... to be honest I don't want to take on the boy racers anymore (although the new/second hand bike's a really lovely ride. i'm sure I'll be able to at some point) what with two small and one large humans at home waiting for me, with broad lovely smiles. I think I'd rather concentrate on getting home in one piece.

Updates will come. hopefully not in the form of insane roadrage swearing at the dumbness of pedestrians and the killer instincts of all male drivers.