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A little Leslie extra

Leslie was really funny, in a charming way. Snarky, and critical where necessary but with a lightness of style in her writing that made her instantly endearing. She, in common with many people who live their lives online, wrote about the things that concerned her, like death, being ill, and what it means to be alive... those pieces are all there to be discovered on her website. They're a bit too... much. Right now. For me.

But I was just reminding myself of her Vox entries (I have entirely failed with Vox beyond a basic twiddle) and she, typically, wrote something funny, literate and aposite only a few days ago, it seems:

"Autobiography titles"

  • Autiobiography of Well Meaning Autodidact.
  • Autodidactics, Automobiles, Autonomy and Personal Autarky: An Autobio
  • Table for two, Kingdom of one: My Life as an Autocrat.
  • Autonym: They named me Leslie, but you may call me Peaches.
  • The Little Engine that Could, but Just Didn't Feel Like It: Confessions of an Underachiever.
  • Am I Still Smiling? My Life as a hard working Optimist.
  • I Lied, It Sucked, (the truth about Leslie)
  • 29 Great Years and Then Some other Stuff.
  • Peaked in High School: A memoir
  • Most Hated: A failed attempt at becoming notorious.
  • Don't Stop Loving Me!
  • Moisturizer, Music and Medication: Unnatural Living with Leslie
  • My Autobiography: The Great American Pamphlet

I always remember a daft thing which also struck me as being very Leslie. I was asleep on her bed either recovering from the flight or recovering from hospital, and she was twiddling away on her computer. She called her Mom who obviously asked "What have you been up to?". Leslie said, in a light and airy voice "Oh stuff. (slight pause, then as if remembering something excellent and lovely) Oh! and er, Items!" I remember it often when saying the slightly less interesting answers to the same question.

If Leslie was here, she'd say to me ok. You've had a cry and that's good. She'd listen nicely and then kick me up the arse to get me back on track. Over the phone, obviously.

So. Please note, world:

No more dying please. Not round here. No more bad news. Ok?  I am also going to not post about sad things from people I don't actually know that were in the news any more. Enough with the bringing myself down. Optimism. Optimism.

Nice, lovely posts next - ones that should have come at the weekend.

Meanwhile, I have to do some work, so they'll come, but later.