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Geoffrey Perkins has died

"Comedy Producer dies in accident"


That is absolutely terrible.

Geoff was a really, really lovely person. He was heavily involved with, and produced "Hitchhikers" (ie: the original), which would be legacy enough, but he also really handheld "Father Ted" in to being, and gently supported G&A through the process to making it really brilliant. Plus he was a kind, funny self effacing and quite quiet chap who was very loyal to his friends.

I haven't seen him for a very long time. Last time was probably ten years ago. Ayeesh. Man. That really bloody sucks.

He was head of comedy at the BBC for a while. I remember when he got the job and he couldn't talk about it. He was dying to. He was so nice. I was seeing Gray whilst the first Ted was being recorded, so saw him an awful lot, and hadn't clocked his involvement wih Hitchhikers. When I realised it was him, I was speechless with awe for about 2 minutes, and burbled over with loads of dumb questions. He told me a whole lot of stories, and seemed delighted to talk about it.

What a uselessly bad thing. Damnit.