Nora's 2012 Olympics have already started
The Fox and the Child (and the little girl)

Just as I thought

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Meanwhile,I've been prepping for a decent Sunday lunch this evening. Three hours plus standing in the kitchen doesn't half do my back in. Still. Hopefully the food will be alright. I habe a trademark Spanish tortilla / Lebanese feta & egg omellete crossover mashup thing which frankly, is delicious. Ive also done a rather nice, mustardy poptato salad, plus there are two sausages of pecorino infused biscuit dough (Pecorino is a sheep's cheese, see, so james can have it - the actual recipe demanded parmesan, but one has to make compromises for the wee one) rolled in egg then poppy seeds, in the fridge awaiting a (I would have thought) Nora assisted cooking sesssion tomorrow morning, sliced in to thin biscuits.

Frankly: I rock. Plus, just how boring is this post, newcomers? Eh? This is what it's all usually about. A load of old trivial bollocks.

Now take a step to think about how many minutes you've wasted reading this, and resolve never to read this tedious woman's blog ever again!