This is why
Just as I thought

Nora's 2012 Olympics have already started

And a little thing at the beginning. Woah, something happened in the last couple of days and I've suddenly got loads more visitors.

::Waves to visitors::

They'll have all gone now, obviously, never to return after realising this is a fundamentally rather dull exercise in talking about... well. It's supposed to be a fundamentally dull blog writing about my family, for the most part, to my actual family. Something weird's happened there, hasn't it. I've gone all outward focused.

Turning the lens back in:

Nora *hearts* The Olympics. Quite why is not really a question I have to answer. But I will. Obviously. It comes down to two things. Firstly, my friend Alex, who is lovely and is coordinating all the digital stuff for 2012. He just came back from Beijing where on one of the days there he borrowed a bike (a fairly amazing one, I'd presume) and went off on a cycle ride in to the hills for 120km with some of the British cycling team (including one Silver Medal winner - I'd assume some of the others have probably won some since!). Alex had a health scare a few years ago, and I was watching the wee Flickr video he took up the side of a hill, in the middle of China, with gorgeous mountains all around, the day after he watched Bolt's 100m final from the side of the track... and I thought you lucky ba - no. No, I didn't*. I felt like on those sorts of days, Alex must feel like punching the air through sheer joy of the moment existing. Anyone would, but he might just punch right through to the other side.

So that joy and Olympics sense of fizzing excitement is, it turns out, very easy to pass on. The second reason why Nora is all excited about the Olympics is because THEY'RE HAPPENING IN LONDON IN 4 YEARS.

I feel the need to say something very American sounding, like "Fuck, yeah!". Or something.

Nora's reaction to watching all these extraordinary people doing extraordinary things is to want to join in, and she has been doing. Firstly, she practiced her forward rolls on the sofa and demanded that they be video'd. Then she got one of my old dumbells, and used it to do weightlifting, and demanded that it be video'd. The last one was dressage - I love it. She used the hobby horse and her cycling helmet to  demonstrate her horse-dancing-in-a-bizarrely-controlled-way technique.

I wish I could show you them, but she didn't want them to be public. Being a strong advocate of keeping images / video of your children private because they haven't given you permission to do otherwise, I am very happy to respect her decision.

Meanwhile I am overjoyed at the fact that so much variety in sport will be visible over the next four years (and hopefully later). Crystal Palace is just up the road. I might see if I can get hold of a schedule of events there and maybe go and watch some athletics with her, and I'm really hoping that school will have caught the buzz, so that she can be as involved as possible.

Anyway. Just how much fun has watching this Olympics been so far? And there's still more, including the handover to Boris bloody Johnson. Oh my good god, I hope that bit isn't heavily televised. Just in case it is: He doesn't represent London, you people. That's not what we're like.

I've just realised how perfectly BJ does fit into the sterotype of what English people are like. Posh, bloated, Woosterish and with a scruff of professorish hair. No wonder the TV set loves him. I'm sure he'll get interviewed by TV stations worldwide. AAAARGH.

*Obviously, I did.