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Geoffrey Perkins has died

The Fox and the Child (and the little girl)

Nora went to the cinema for the first time ever yesterday. We went to see the above, charming film in a very nice cinema in Peckham (15 minutes away on the train, so it made it seem even more like an adventure).

Nor cried a bit during a sequence in which a proper and rather beautiful wildcat chased our fox heroine (who of course, escaped unscathed).  But she was very brave, she just hid her head on my shoulder, and didn't leave her seat. we both found it more convenient for her to sit on my lap for the second half, given that she kept asking questions in her VERY LOUD VOICE. She got thruogh the whole of a potentially scary wolf sequence (the little girl manages to get them away from the fox, then isn't so scared she runs away. She runs at them, shouting - good girl!)

What was great about the film was from an adult perspective: loads of beautiful wildlife photography, that complemented the way we try to bring up the kids nicely: lots of just 'watching' moments. It was morally ambiguous in the way that only European films would dare to be. The little girl in the film, after achieving a somewhat unbelievable bond with a mother fox (who in the context of the film, would be guilty of child neglect, frankly) didn't realise that it was she who had been learning about how the fox lived, and not the other way around. When she managed to get the fox in to her house, it freaked out and nearly died of shock and fear related related injuries (it didn't - obviously. A film suitable for over 4's, with the fox dying? They'd have been in pieces). So lots of thoughtful discussions on the way back, and no "It was fantastic" from Nor.

She thought the screen was very big and the music too loud (it was, as always). But I think she liked it a hell of alot more than she realises. Very glad I didn't take her to "Wall-E" first.

Desperately trying to stop her watching Cinderella every week as her 1 allowed weekday film (whilst James is asleep), so thanks to the joys of still owning a VHS player, have got hold of Snow White, at last, and The Lion King for 99p each. I wish she'd watch Toy Story, it gives me pain in my heart I can't share that with her yet!

James, by way of contrast, far too young to go to the flicks or see anything as long as a film, adores any pictures of the Kung Foo Panda. 'National Geographic Kids' magazine had the panda on the front. I found him in his cot doing a high kick over and over, looking at the magazine which was resting on the bookcase next to the cot. I think he will probably like a slightly different sort of film than Noo.