Ronnie Drew died
Nora's 2012 Olympics have already started

This is why

Graham, as ever, seems to come up with the most amazing political and socially aware links. I wish I had the time to dig around as much as he does. He may get sent them, to be fair. I think it's some kind of equalisation therapy. He makes his living writing gags, and also shouts as loudly as possible about things like this:

"In Lashkar Gah, the majority of female prisoners are serving 20-year sentences for being forced to have sex. Terri Judd visited them and heard their extraordinary stories"

Can I actually articulate a response to this unrelenting horror.


Everything. Every single aspect of that story is such an unbearable, sickening disgrace. How dare we live in relaxed comfort in a world where fellow members of the human race are subjected to this.

It makes me feel nauseous with lack of ability to help.

These are real women, just like the people you work with, that are your friends, girlfriends, sisters, your mothers ands your daughters.