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The ground seems to be visibly shifting

I look at Obama's Inauguration speech, and his actions since then, and I'm totally dumbfounded.

Either he's the most idealistic man in the world, with completely ludicrous expectations as to how much he can actually do, in this job of his, or something really has happened here.

You know what? I'm with the good guy. He's got me so far.

The thing that concerns me, apart from the risk of assassination (you know.. I mean, it's there, let's be honest), is that a phrase Tony Blair said after gaining office keeps popping in to my head. and we all know what happened to him. it's a fair phrase though, and a good description of the times, which is equally applicable to now. Right now. Maybe not next week (although, I bloody hope so). He said (an approximation of): when he was in the car, driving toward 10 Downing Street, there were people all along the route, standing, joyous and amazed. It was as if all the reasonable people, all the good people all came outside and in to the light - and realised that they weren't on their own after all. It concerns me because it was blair's convictions that got him in to trouble. But, Obama's more of a collaborator. It appears, historically, in any case.

What is incumbent upon everyone, regardless of country is to remember that not only are you, yes, you - that reasonable, lovely person who wants to help, over there - you're not on your own. And there's someone like you in charge right now.

So back him the fuck up, you Americans. Back Him Up.

Damn, I read an end of life quote from someone rather wonderful a couple of weeks ago, and I can't remember who it was. I remember the quote though, because it struck me as..  Aristotelian. Beautiful, simple and humble. Whoever it was said: you go through your life searching for answers and at the end, all you can find to say about it is: just be nicer to people.

That's it. It's what it's all about, people. Just be nicer.

Now's our chance.

...just can't quite take in how extraordinary this could be, for everyone. A move toward actual civilisation. I know it won't be everything, but surely, I mean look at the possibilities here. Aren't they all a bit freakily decent? Honourable? Great?

Yes, yes, I know. The cynic's reponse. But you know what will make it fail, don't you? People. Just trip up the page a little bit to the "nicer" philosophy, and you know. Swill it round your mouth a little. Let it settle on you. Don't let yourself be one of the ones to drag us back in to the 20th century. Keep forging forward.

Argh, I wish my Dad had been alive to see this. Damnit.