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Things you need in your house

I had this idea this morning. It is entirely daft / pointless but nevertheless: To compile a complete list of absolute life essentials. You cannot do without, or - if you had this list, and bought the basic version of everything on it, you would never be caught in an emergency / you will be 100% set up after you move in.

A year and a half later and this post gets a huge amount of visitors every day. ::waves:: Really good to see you. I hope the various responses to this list are useful, and what would be even better would be if you left your own list, short or long. I'll try to compile the best / most frequent suggestions one day.

Mine is very simple. I was staring at our packet of this this morning whilst the kettle was on, and I thought, yes. I do feel happier knowing that there's some of this in the house.


...over to you.