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Cycling in the rain, wearing glasses

After succeeding in running over a small child in a buggy yesterday (no harm done, very, very luckily) I would like to restate that cycling whilst not being able to see properly is a total nightmare.

Not  really sure what I can do about it. Someone I was talking to yesterday suggested contact lenses but I can't put things in my eyes (biiiiig only slightly irrational phobia about that). The other suggestion was made that I should grit my teeth and get the laser operations done.

Eyes, lasers, possibility of accidents... aaargh.

I have rarely, by the way, felt so horrified. I could not apologise enough to the Mother whose baby I nearly injured. It was all I could do to stop myself taking the baby out of the buggy to hug her with relief that she was ok.

It was absolutely, 100% my fault, btw. Excuses about glasses don't wash really do they. Why the hell wasn't I cycling slower then? Er... because I didn't think, your honour. Yes. Well. You'll think from now on, then, won't you.