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David Cameron, bike riding champion of freedom + Act against the BNP


Well, of marginal interest is that I cycled past the future Prime Minister along an unnamed stretch of the way home the other day, and think I have done since but was busy spitting aphids out of my mouth. He had a grim, pinched face on him, but then again many people wear bizarre grimaces whilst cycling.

I only realised it was him (having done that "I'm sure I know that bloke" thing) when I realised that a police car was trailing him, very slowly. Which is, I suppose, reasonable enough.

He did do that slightly blank thing we all do which is check out all the other boy racers and their cycles as they went past. No one overtook him. I did only see him for approx 15 seconds, mind you.

Now that I've seen him close up in the flesh twice, I feel I know him. I'm determined to try to get him to stop and have a conversation with him if I see him again, hoping that my reassurance "Yes, I want to get home to the kids too" will help. So any suggestions for questions, so that I can represent Your point of view, as one sweaty cyclist to another....

I might well ask him if he's confused or ashamed with regard to the behaviour of his colleagues. Did he know this endemic abuse was happening? Why didn't he do anything before? Almost pointless asking the question really.

I might ask him how he feels that he and his other parliamentary colleagues have conspired to engineer a situation where the BNP, and the disguised BNP (UKIP) are going to get a massive hoik in their votes in this EU Election. It makes me so bitterly angry. It's the equivalent of people voting for The National Front.

In the seventies, in Slough, which had a mixed population, many Sikh, Hindu and Muslim residents, you'd occasionally see NF scrawled on to walls. A child came up to me once and said "My Dad says I can't play with you, your Dad's in the IRA".

Surely, the long hard crawl toward civilisation is supposed to go forward, not back?

By the way, I am going to take my laptop home and timeshift my last hour at work tomorrow so I can give out anti-BNP leaflets at Tooting Bec station. If you're in the UK, this week is really important. See if there's a campaigning event near you, and sign up for it today.