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Nora wrote a poem. She just sat down and wrote it, without talking to anyone about what she was going to write, then shoved it in our faces to have a look.

They did some work about refugees at school, given the high number they have there. There's a lass in her class from Cameroon, who only came over about 10 months ago. Lovely kid. Anyway:

Run away
Unigate fire
Go now
Eeeek! I need help

...check out the first letters. Note, the word "Unigate" refers to one of two local places, the 'Unigate playground' (a playground next to the dairy, now owned by Dairy Crest) or more likely, 'Unigate Wood', which is a brilliant small space of semi-managed woodland that is built on part of the land that the original dairy back in the time of yore used to graze its cows! Fantastic.

Nora's just discovered poetry in a more focused way. We were reading Spike Milligan's Silly Verse the other day and we re-found a book of poems which had been age banded, which of course, she saw as a challenge. Only to be read by 12 year olds? Pah!

(Brilliant that the school steadfastly used the word 'Refugee', and not the debased "Asylum seeker" which is so redolent of the scum sucking filth that is The Daily Mail.