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Bedtime crooning

Nice post #2:

Nora used to hum to herself in the bedroom before going to sleep. Particularly in the afternoons. Now we have James who will do the same. Given that we have begun to explore Tex Avery's cartoons*, is recent singing has been:





...over and over. One day, we will have to stop listening to them on the monitor, but it is very funny in the meantime. Nora saying "Shush!" every so often. Heh.

Now, Droopy Huckleberry Hound sang Clementine, but who sang "Whatsername"? I'm not sure that was in any Avery cartoons? I'm asking this out loud but a penny to a pound my brother, Stephen, is going to answer the question... I can't find out on Google because it's a bit too random.

Obviously I've virused the song by remembering the false ending from somewhere else.

*Having established it's not Droopy, I've a feeling it comes up in the "Poochini" cartoon or alternatively, I just sing it round the house ;)