So I joined in the whole Jan Moir thing
Faces in everyday things. Why?


Hello yes. Still here. Bit distracted.

Lots of things I want to get off my chest though, and no time to say them.

For absolutely no reason at all I've been researching ethical footwear. Well, no, if I were writing a column, I'd say it's because I need a new pair of shoes, and I'm a bit fed up with wearing petrochemical ones, BUT, I am a vegetarian. So what gives? Is there a truly ethical shoe company, from whom one can source decent winterish shows that last, that have a low carbon footprint and dare I even mention this, might even be made of leather, given that leather is a bi-product of an industry where the carbon etc has already been accounted for? Ans: Not so simples. So more on that later because it's *interesting*. 

Watching a documentary about the Great War last night, I was struck how much the war, for long stretches, seemed to be characterised almost by hysteria, throughout the players. Sending tens of thousands of men to their deaths, surrounded by the carnage from the days or weeks before in a landscape so much closer to hell than anything by Jake and Dinos Chapman. Andrew Marr mentioned one Army Officer who had been a maths teacher before the war, who had calculated the rate of loss of his men if they went over the top, as a result of their knowing the exact position of the German machine guns. 100%. He took this evidence to his superior officers, and he was told "Obey your orders". They were all killed.

Back in the UK, in London - astonishing, this. you could actually hear the bombardment. From London. The siege mentality and paranoia gripping the UK must have been like a form of insanity. The whole war during the middle period where no gains were made on either side sounded unbearably irrational.

We went on holiday, James is growing up so much... I enjoy his company more and more I have to say. When he's not whining, he is a delight to be around. The whining is merely a phase, I'm sure. The holiday was wonderful and I wish I was back there now.

A whole slew of other ideas and Oooh, this that and the others - and I still haven't written about Arthur blinking Jefferson. But he'll have to wait.