A screwed up view of 'gayness'
Pedestrian ack!

Hey, 12 muscateers-

You know who you are.

Guess what. The average daily view for Moolies is now 15!

Blimey. Who are these other three people? And is it always so constant, such that the same fifteen people doggedly come along every day? Or could it be that for some perverse reason, these inane blatherings seem to have gathered a bunch of Google juice? If the search results that turn up in the stats are to believed, then I could give you a masterclass in how to focus and target your blog posts in order to become a successful, mediocre web presence! Or there again, I could just tell you that apparently, 'lists' get good search results.

Quick! New list posts! Hurry, I have to acquire more PI's for no logical reason other than external validation!