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"Home access" scheme for cycling is needed

Mexican children tortured and killed by traffickers

If there was ever an argument for the legalisation of drugs it would be this one. To take drugs,  excessive, obscene 'underground' wealth and weaponry out of the hands of psychopaths.

Mexico's missing children - Exclusive report

The abduction, rape and murder of women and girls in gang towns in Mexico has been going on for years, as has trafficking in children but here's one brave girl who managed to escape and wants to testify to what she has seen.

It's an incredible story, and I don't mean that positively. It's incredible because after the nausea, you're left thinking only single word questions. It's unimaginable that something like this should be happening. It is unbearable.

Read this please to help this girl to bear witness, and passing it on. The children involved deserve nothing less.

If it leaves you wanting to empty your pockets to try and help, frustratingly I can't really find an organisation that will help directly, with the exception of Unicef, who are amazing but who knows who can stop this other than drastic measures. If anyone knows of a pertinent organisation, please do pass it on below.