Has something happened to American children?


There should be a service you can ring that will come and do all your camping packing. Exhausting.

I'm up again in 4 1/2 hours to get to Pembrokeshire in time to put the tent up and whathaveyou hopefully long before dark. and not in the rain, please.

On the subject of film making in Britain:

My friend Alice, btw, referring to the UKFC referred to a fascinating article which puts the film industry in the UK in to perspective, from an actual film maker as opposed to someone looking in from the outside. I think what he's actually arguing for is root & branch change, which... I doubt will ever happen. But it does put my strident 'leave our existing shit alone, even if it's broken, surely it should be mended from within?' attitude out in the long grass somewhat. you were right, Phil :)

Back in a wee while. More ranting will commence mid-Aug, I've no doubt.