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Stand up against tabloid racist scare tactics

Martin Belam has already written something this morning about today's Daily Express headline, "One in five Britons will be ethnics" which is possibly more eloquent than  my own effort will be. He talks about the point that the headline is scaremongering on the back of birth/death statistics which are current, extrapolating that 30 years in to the future. So the assumptions are dubious in any case, regardless of what those assumptions are. Read the post, anyway.

I think we should all write something today, and not link to the newspaper in question to give them the advertising revenue they would like. Instead, I want to tell you that my daughter is currently working out who to invite to her summer end of term party. The children she wants to invite are from a white English background, an African background, a Caribbean background and a Pakistani background. They all live in London, and they are all Britons. And she is no more interested in what their background is that we are. She wants to invite them because they are nice.

The proprietor, Editor and lead writer of the Daily Express responsible for OK'ing today's headline should examine their consciences.