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Housekeeping: bored with blog design

The trouble is my laughable coding skills (what i mean is: ability to kind of crunch through HTML, basically) don't allow me to adapt one of the typepad themed templates without hours and hours of painstaking brain work... kind of the level of a five year old, saying "Well, if I do this, what happens then?" for... er... just about every aspect of it. Ha, not quite but you know what I mean.

Become a powerpoint pusher and, yeah, ok, have two kids and... oh, well, alright yes, decide to do another degree in the evenings and what happens? You lose your ability to update your blog design.

If anyone has any favourites I can attempt to rip off (or anyone wants to volunteer to do it for me... I pay in cake!) let me know.

Meanwhile, the blog has hit the heady heights of averaging *17* visitors a day! Count 'em. what the hell they want to come here and listen to me waffling on for God only knows.

What, you mean I just wrote a post about absolutely nothing? I think I've hit blogging nirvana!

Goodnight all.