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Hello. Are you there?

Well. Yes, hello. I'm in semi-retirement at the moment. It's the blog speaking, here. Somehow, well I keep nagging at her but she doesn't seem to notice. I wonder why she won't talk at me? What's  wrong with me, that's what I want to know. Did I do something wrong? Zoonie?

I really don't know what to do with myself at the moment. I've taken to looking around other people's houses. Every so often, someone asks for me. The Google drags me out of the house and I mean it is really insistent (in a slightly irritating way, if I'm honest). Why won't it leave me alone? But there I go, standing in a line up, feels like we've all committed crimes sometimes but I tell you, on the QT you should see some of the other blogs I have to stand with. There are people who sell their blogs for those silly little vermin around the edges. Adverts. Yes. Scratchy, vile things, screeching at me. I saw one blog last week, I thought it had some kind of disease. I could see its latest post, hiding but it was covered in that awful pox. Poor thing, carrying all that around with it. I offered to help, I said Zoonie wouldn't notice anyway, she doesn't come to see me anymore and it tried to throw an advert for 'One weird tip' at me. The Google wrenched it away and threw a whole new set of blogs at me (or did it take me away? One gets so used to being buffeted around, it's difficult to know when the Internet is dragging or dumping one). I suppose I'll never see it again. It seemed so sad but at least it wasn't alone.

I wonder what the weird tip was?

Will you come back to see me? I can tell you all about when Zoonie was pregnant, or when the children were very young. Life was different then, she came to visit me nearly every day.

You will come again, won't you? Hello? Are you there?